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Borough Council Meeting Policy

Chalfont Borough Council Meeting is a public meeting and will be run according to Parliamentary Authority under Robert's Rules of Order, 10th Edition, except as otherwise required by the Borough Charter. Nevertheless, Council may conduct its meetings without strictly complying with every requirement of Robert's Rules. In all cases, the Chairman's ruling on questions of procedure shall be final unless overruled by a vote of Council in accordance with Robert's Rules.

Public comment will be heard on agenda items before and after the business of the meeting is conducted. Public comment will be taken from residents and taxpayers of Chalfont Borough only. No public comment will be entertained during the course of the agenda items unless specifically requested by the Chairman.

The Council, while desiring to hear all comments and opinions, will not tolerate disruptive behavior, personal attacks, or unruly behavior. The Council will also consider abusive language to be disruptive behavior and the offending individual will be asked to leave.

Specific questions should be directed to the Borough Manager before or after the meeting. Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.

Those present at public meetings must conduct themselves at all times with dignity and respect for others' opinions. No person shall interrupt another who is speaking.

Procedure for Ordinance Adoption:

First reading:

  1. Introduction of Ordinance
  2. Comment/questions by Council
  3. Council motion for vote to advertise

Second reading:

  1. The solicitor will open a public hearing for an ordinance under consideration.
  2. Public comment will be taken.
  3. The hearing will be closed.
  4. Council discussion will proceed and a motion to adopt the ordinance will be made and seconded with a vote taken.

Copies of a proposed ordinance will be available for viewing at the Borough office during regular business hours after the First reading. Copies can be purchased for .25 cents per page.

In order for every taxpayer to speak, Council asks that you attempt to limit your questions and/or comments to 5 minutes. Should an expressed concern or question require more than the allotted time before the Council to resolve, the matter will be scheduled as an Agenda item at a subsequent meeting.

Any taxpayer who wishes to be placed on the Agenda should contact the Borough Manager by the close of business on Thursday prior to the scheduled meeting. No Agenda items will be accepted after that date.

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